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Partner Compensation Series

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These videos are full length (1.5-2 hour) recordings of our previous webcasts.   A complete list of our full length videos are available on our Webcast Video Index page, with descriptions of each show linked to each show title. Please contact us to purchase the passwords to access these videos.

The three sessions in our Partner Compensation Series show you how to invent and implement a partner compensation system that will support accountability to partner goals and move your firm from an Eat What you Kill to a Building a Village model of operation.  First, we present the basic components of partner compensation and individual partners goals, discussing why these systems fail and how to avoid those traps.  Then we take you through the partner goal setting process step-by-step.  Finally,  we demonstrate how to structure a compensation model that supports the achievement of a firm’s strategic plan as well as how to approach necessary compensation adjustments.


How to Build a Partner Compensation System that Supports Accountability



Implementing the Partner Goal Process: Step-by-Step Instructions



Advanced Compensation Case Study (Moving from Eat What You Kill to Building a Village)