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Leadership Training

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Great leaders aren’t born, they’re made.  True…but how are they made?

We have the recipe for our CPA professionals, whether they work in CPA firms or in business, industry, government or education.  The Succession Institute Leadership Training program is part instruction and part coaching, combined with ongoing evaluation, assessment, experiential learning and management development.

But The Succession Institute Leadership Training Program is not cookie cutter.  It is an individualized, fully customizable program.  The SI team leverages over 30 years of leadership development work with local, regional and multinational CPA firms and businesses to create leaders who are equipped to navigate through obstacles and effect positive change within firms.

Click here to read our brochure about our CPA Leadership Training Program

This intensive program immerses participants in the concepts and skills needed for leadership development, including:

  • The highly renowned Situational Leadership® materials,
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  • Exclusive SIPA 360 Assessment
  • Everything DiSC® Management profile
  • Interactive workshops / multimedia / discussions that can include from days to weeks of training
  • Development of action plans
  • Coaching
  • Post-workshop assessment
  • Post-event webinars and workshops to continue the development process

The California Society of CPAs (10+ years) and the Texas Society of CPAs (10+ years) have been using their own customized versions of this program.
To see a video produced by the TSCPA for the promotion of their second class based on interviews from participants attending the first one, click this link.

The Benefits of Succession Institute’s Leadership Training

For Your Members:

  • Now CPAs in any size organization can have access to a leadership development regimen and assessment process previously available only to Fortune 500 companies
  • Workshops provide opportunities for leaders to learn new behaviors in a low risk environment
  • Learn best practices for managing and developing people
  • Emphasis on transferring concepts learned in the workshops to actions performed in the workplace

The Cost of this Program:

We will be glad to quote you a price for your own leadership training program as soon as we have some specifics as to what you are looking for. To learn more about how your State Society can partner with The Succession Institute on creating your own Leadership Institute, please call or email us.