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Strategic Planning Virtual Facilitator

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Introducing the Strategic Planning Virtual Facilitator™ For Small Firms

Signs that your firm could benefit from our Strategic Planning Virtual Facilitator™ Video Program:

    • Your practice hasn’t had an effective long-term vision or strategy in place
    • A strategy or vision was developed some time ago but now it’s time to update it
    • You attempted to develop a strategic plan but never finished it
    • You actually developed a strategic plan but didn’t implement it
    • You’d like to develop a long-term vision to drive the business and align everyone with it

The Strategic Planning Virtual Facilitator™ may be just what you need!
It provides small CPA firms with step-by-step video instructions and downloadable forms/tools to help you organize, orchestrate and develop your own plan!

This Means 
You Benefit Because 
A video overview for each step of the strategic planning process
You will have a context for your planning efforts
There is a roadmap to guide you from start to finish
Successful processes we use every day to guide our large firms through the planning process
You have a proven process to guide you in planning for your firm
This is a thorough process, battlefield tested, grounded in sound theory and practical application
Video Instructions for each step of the way
This process takes the guessing out of the details of each step
You are using a methodology that works
Downloadable worksheets to stimulate your thinking as to what is important to you
You may easily and quickly immerse yourself into the creative process
We’ve provided you with detailed coaching to maximize the effectiveness of your time
Both plan development and implementation tools
This process helps you overcome implementation barriers—since many planning efforts fall short on implementation success
You receive a meaningful plan to implement that can quickly result in real change at your firm
Price $495.00
You pay pennies on the dollar for what this level of guidance typically costs in the marketplace
This is a unique, cost-effective offering built to help the small CPA firm accomplish this powerful process

Download this information as a PDF.

Please email or call us at 512-338-1006 for more details.


This program will provide you with a video overview for each step of your strategic planning process. Our instructors/authors will guide you through the process with virtual facilitation sessions, using thorough and successful processes we use every day to guide our large firms through the planning process. You will watch a portion of the video, pause or stop the video to do an exercise, and continue in this manner until the planning process is completed.

We anticipate that you might go through this process during an owner/partner retreat (on-site or off-site) over the course of less than a day to a day for a sole proprietor or from one to three days (or more) for firms with multiple partners, depending on the size of your firm, so you may customize this process to your firm’s needs. Step-by-step instructions are included in the video.

After your credit card is processed, we will ship a USB flash drive with video and exercise worksheet files that you may open on your computer. Videos will play with Windows Media Player or QuickTime; PDF worksheets open with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You may take this USB flash drive with you and watch the video anywhere—at your office, home, or an off-site location. You will not need Internet access to watch the video or to download the worksheets. We recommend that the person in charge of your firm’s planning meeting view the entire 75-minute video prior to working through the exercises, to get a better feel for the process and how much time it may take to conduct your planning. You also may want to print the downloadable planning worksheets, prior to viewing the video. This will allow you to pause the video and look at the worksheets as you preview the video.

You are purchasing a limited use license for this material and it is protected under copyright. Therefore, you are not allowed to share or distribute the video or documents outside of your CPA firm.


During checkout, we offer two shipping options:

  • Standard shipping (we will ship within 1 business day after completion of your order, so you should receive this program within 5 to 7 business days), or
  • Expedited shipping (we typically ship within 1 business day after completion of your order, so you should receive this program within 2 to 3 business days – please follow up with us if you have a very tight deadline, so we can do whatever we can to meet your expectations)

If you have questions, please email or call us at 512-338-1006 for more details.


Strategic Planning Virtual Facilitator

  • Price: $495.00
    $ 495 purchase price for our SPVF USB drive filled with 75-minutes of video instruction and printable planning worksheets and forms designed to guide you step-by-step through the strategic planning process.
    Standard Shipping - Shipped within 1 business day. You should expect to receive your order within 5 to 7 business days.

    Expedited Shipping - We typically ship within 1 business day. You should expect to receive your order within 2 to 3 business days, depending on shipping address. Please follow up with us immediately if you have a very tight deadline, so we can make every effort to meet your expectations:
    Phone: (512) 338-1006, or Email: info@successioninstitute.com
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