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Competency Framework & 360 Assessments

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The Succession Institute Performance Assessment (SIPA) is a unique 360° assessment that clearly identifies the attributes that will help an individual become a more effective professional and leader. It is available only from the Succession Institute. We offer two versions – the standard general business version, and a public accounting version which has been customized by the Succession Institute for leaders working in the accounting profession.

Adapted from the standard QuadLead instrument, this assessment covers a variety of competencies found to be important for success as a professional in this demanding business environment. This tool was developed based on the insights and lessons learned from the world’s greatest leaders and on our day-to-day work with CPAs and internationally CPAs and CAs, from all sizes of public accounting firms who exhibit best practice professional and managerial skills and behaviors.

Developed utilizing primary and secondary research, the SIPA reflects the latest professional best practices among CPAs in public practice. This online assessment has been designed with practical business application in mind and is part of the Succession Institute Competency Framework which provides competency definitions for eight levels of positions within a typical CPA firm, from entry level staff to equity owner. The complete set of reports features a “Performance Index” which provides the overall effectiveness scores as perceived by Self, Boss, Peers, and Direct Reports. The unique “Report Card” feature clearly indicates the leader’s Capabilities and Constraints as perceived by each of the groups evaluating the leader.

Succession Institute Competency Framework:

  • Vision & Strategy
  • Job Competence
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Communication Skills
  • Leading Change
  • Execution
  • Leadership Image
  • Developing a Following
  • Judgment/Decision-Making
  • Ethics/Integrity
  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Building Teams
  • Marketing Focus
  • Business Savvy
  • Most Trusted Business Advisor

In addition to showing the capabilities and constraints that the evaluated professional brings to the table at his or her firm or area of responsibility, it also prioritizes these areas to help that person understand where to focus first on improvement efforts. The assessment report comes with a Resource Guide, a tool that allows participants and their bosses or coaches to map out a development plan that addresses the competencies by identifying specific behaviors which professionals with either high scores or low scores tend to exhibit under a particular competency.

The SIPA is used in our leadership programs to generate an overall baseline effectiveness score and to help participants identify where they stand at the beginning of the program. At the end of the program, we use it to compare progress achieved against the baseline established at the beginning.

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Other Uses for This Assessment:

  • At the Succession Institute, we use the SIPA and the Succession Institute Competency Framework to help CPA firms develop professional effectiveness throughout their organizations via performance evaluations, and career pathing, and, to fill the leadership pipeline for assurance of smooth and successful transitions in the succession planning process.
  • We use the SIPA to coach executive clients—partners and managers—toward improved individual performance as leaders and managers in their firms. The feedback from this instrument, coupled with the results of interviews, provide a valuable database to help improve a leader’s self-awareness.
  • As a solution to leadership problems identified through our organizational development work when we survey staff and/or interview owners of accounting firms to help them prepare for planning meetings.
  • The cornerstone for executive education and continuing professional education for owners, managers and supervisors in CPA firms.
  • Management development/leadership development programs, incorporated as part of a formal or informal leadership development program within a CPA firm, or to accelerate the development of the next layer of leaders.
  • Improve organizational effectiveness through improved managerial leadership practices and improved professional competencies from the top on down through the organization.

You can begin your assessment process now. Just call Succession Institute and ask about our assessment process or use the “Contact Us” form by clicking on the link at the bottom of any page of our website.  Additionally, we have created a CPA firm competency framework integrated with our 360 SIPA.


Succession Institute is a distributor of the full suite of DiSC® profile tools, from the standard Classic 2.0 to the newest Everything DiSC Management and Workplace profiles.  These exceptional tools provide the users with unique insight into themselves and others, creating the opportunity for enhanced effectiveness in leadership and team positions.  We use these profiles as part of our leadership development and executive coaching processes, as well as for team building and general organizational improvement.

Situational Leadership®

cls_logo_icon_affiliate_72dpi (smaller) We are proud to be affiliates of the Center for Leadership Studies, the organization founded by Dr. Paul Hersey to administer the Situational Leadership® assessments he created.  These tools provide a powerful learning experience for leaders who want to be better delegators and developers of their people.  Through a robust model proven in action through its use by over 14 million leaders from over 40 countries, leaders learn a simple and very effective way to improve their methods of dealing with people through the use of their influence and diagnostic abilities.