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Implementing the Partner Goal Process: Step-by-Step Instructions

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Implementing the Partner Goal Process: Step-by-Step Instructions.pdf <Handout is password protected: Opens with the password for the video (case sensitive – same as for the live show)>

Description: This session takes a step-by-step approach for walking through the Succession Institute’s recommended CPA firm partner goal setting process (Managing Partner GoalsTM). We will start with a broad overview of the process and continue to drill down into the specifics of how it should be implemented, using specific examples to add clarity. This session will take a comprehensive look at the process from the iterative approach involved, to defining goals, to a logical time line for the process, monitoring required once the goals are established, feedback recommended throughout the year, and to the final evaluation and determination of financial impact.


  • A broad overview of the partner goal setting process
  • Setting both subjective and objective goals
  • Creating objective processes supporting the goals
  • The annual goal creation process and how we recommend that the iterative process work, using a case study example
  • What the managing partner should be doing throughout the year to monitor the process and communicate performance
  • How the managing partner should approach the evaluation of goal attainment

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