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Family Business Strategic Planning

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Planning includes a variety of services centered around charting and maintaining a successful course for your family business, such as strategic, tactical and succession planning. This category also includes technology planning at a strategic level. Bill, Tommye and Dom have provided assistance in these areas as:

  • Facilitators who help the family business management team formulate strategies and action plans;
  • Consultants brought in to focus on the implementation of various aspects of the overall strategy; and
  • Members of boards of directors and advisory boards of family businesses.

Their experience in planning for their own companies and hundreds of others gives them a unique insight as to how to avoid common pitfalls as well as leverage numerous success strategies. In addition, providing added-value to the planning process, Bill, Tommye and Dom also offer two other support services to their planning clients. These services are Surveys and Lodging.

Retreat Survey

We customize employee surveys to help family businesses identify their leverageable strengths and their areas that represent opportunities for improvement.  As part of the development process for these surveys, the questions are customized (added, dropped and modified) to meet the specific needs of the organization.

The surveys are distributed electronically and usually sent to not only the retreat participants, but to another 15-20 key people in order to obtain a broader perspective of the issues on the agenda.