* The Succession Institute, LLC is not a CPA Firm

The Succession Institute

At the Succession Institute, we believe that there are core, foundational principles to follow that will help you successfully and profitably manage your business and your people. And by following these, your organization is positioned to grow, prosper, seamlessly transition to new leadership, sell at above-average market prices, and/or operate requiring less of your involvement. To us, succession management is all about organizational development and creating a strong organizational infrastructure.

We help organizations turn their vision into reality through a customized “GOALS” process addressing:

  • Governance and Policies
  • Organizational Infrastructure and Processes
  • Abilities, Skills and Competencies
  • Leadership and Management
  • Strategy and Vision

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How Succession Institute Can Help You:

Who We Are

Bill ReebChief Executive Officer

Dominic A. CingoranelliRetired CPA, Emeritus Founder, Senior Consultant and Former Executive Vice-President of Consulting Services

Tommye E. BarieExecutive Vice President of Leadership Development

Michaelle CameronExecutive Vice President of Assessment and Learning

Bill PirolliExecutive Vice-President of Firm Services