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Bill has a great ability to cut through the crap and get to the point, We are certainly better because of him.

-Ray Roberts, CPA, Managing Partner, Accounting and Consulting Group, Albuquerque, NM

Bill has an ability to cut through the politics and tell it like is without alienating the partner group. His observations are on point and his systems and insights are invaluable to any firm wishing to grow and prosper. I highly recommend Bill's organization. You won't be disappointed.

-Nick Magone, CPA, Couto, DeFranco and Magone, New York and New Jersey

Bill Reeb has helped us change our firm - and more importantly my life! We used to work like crazy, sweat the small stuff, and not make that much money for a tremendous amount of effort. Now we work no overtime, treasure our employees, make a great living, and really enjoy helping our clients! How does he do it - Call him or more importantly call me I will share with you how vital Bill has been to our firm.

-Eric Rigby, CPA/PFS, Rigby Financial Group, New Orleans, LA

A few weeks after graduating from college, I substituted for my father's attendance at a seminar since he was struggling w/ diabetic complications and couldn't attend. The seminar was led by Bill Reeb. I was blown away. When my father later died the following year and my family's (now) third-generation firm almost collapsed, I bought and read from cover to cover Bill's book Start Consulting: How To Walk The Talk & used the principles therein to formulate a strategic approach to resurrecting the firm and servicing its clients. Whether he'll admit it or not, Bill has played a critical role in my success throughout my career.

-Matthew Roger, CPA, Managing Partner, Roger and Keith, CPAs, New Orleans, LA

Bill Reeb is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. Audiences love him because he is both knowledgeable and entertaining. He provides practical and valuable insight into how organizations can improve and achieve success.

-John M. Sharbaugh, CAE, CEO, Texas Society of CPAs

Bill Reeb is a sure-bet. CPAs love him because he brings real, useable content to the table.

-Jane Egan, Executive Director, Montana Society of CPAs

What began before engaging Bill for an Information Technology project was redirected and expanded with Bill's leadership and practical approach to become a dynamic process improvement initiative and strategy. This endeavor ultimately resulted in the redesign and automation of all processes supporting operations while stimulating a cooperative cross-functional process likely never experienced in the 100+ year history of our organization. Bill became a director of strategy, cultural change agent, project leader and personal mentor which helped to transform and dramatically strengthen our Company for the future. He is clearly the best consultant I've worked with in my 30+-year professional career.

-John Gordon, CPA, CITP, Former Vice President-Finance and Chief Financial Officer, National Lime & Stone Co., Findlay, OH

To update you on the progress of the Springfield project, it went extremely well and all schedules were met. The Colorado Department of Transportation was very happy with both production and quality. Dominic Cingoranelli helped us get started on the right foot.

-Eddie Davidsen, Project Superintendent, Interstate Highway Construction, Englewood, CO

I have known Dominic Cingoranelli for 10 years. The advice and focus Dominic provides his customers is forthright, timely, and useful. Dominic provides plans and solutions for the long-term success of his clients. He is not a typical consultant where a client spends a lot of money and is left with a stale ‘business plan.’ His persistence and dedication to his clients' success is remarkable. Because of Dom’s reputation and track-record we have long recommended Dominic to various clients over the years.

-Donald Appleby, Vice President, HRH of Colorado, Denver, CO

Having Dominic Cingoranelli on board as our CPA was one of the best business decisions we made at Singleton in years. Dom’s knowledge and advise was needed at a time when we were on the verge of either taking a chance and growing or downsizing to cut costs. When jobs started flowing in and we started winning orders, Dom’s advice on management and tracking was some of the best I’ve had and has been appreciated very much. I can easily contribute a large portion of our last couple of successful years to the information and recommendations provided by Dominic.

-Cody Singleton, President, Singleton Sheet Metal Works Inc., Pueblo West, CO

The reason I like being involved in strategic planning meetings with Dominic Cingoranelli is his uncanny ability to get to the heart of planning and keeping a bunch of high-strung individuals in line without upsetting them personally. His hard work and planning are always a winner for the company for which he is consulting.

-Keith Swerdfeger, Chairman, K. R. Swerdfeger Construction, Pueblo West, CO

Dom Cingoranelli has helped Gobin's Inc. with succession planning and management training. I have been involved in many Succession Planning and Management Training Seminars but the advice and training that we received from Dom was the best.

-Bob Gobin, President, Gobin's Inc., Pueblo, CO

Dom has been a great resource for our firm in the quality and professionalism rendered in assisting in the never ending search for qualified talent. Dom is very fair and always delivers excellent value; his commitment to our business and industry is apparent in his manner and conduct. We are pleased to have been associated with Dom and feel free to recommend him to other industry and non-industry members. Dom is a great asset and a consummate professional.

-Rick C. Givan, President, Recycled Materials Company, Arvada, CO

We have utilized Dom and his expertise on several of our CDOT construction projects. He has facilitated our formal partnering sessions between CDOT, our prime contractors, and their sub-contractors. Dom's keen knowledge of our type of construction along with his easy-going manner makes these sessions both enjoyable and beneficial. I would strongly recommend Dom for partnering and dispute resolution meetings.

-Paul A. Westhoff, P. E., Resident Engineer, Colorado Department of Transportation, Lamar, CO

Dom has become a great resource for our firm. As a new managing partner, I have contacted Dom many times about how to implement new strategy or deal with issues. He has a way of breaking down any issue and making it much easier to tackle. He has always provided sound advice and a process that makes sense and is possible to implement. 

-Roz Alyson, CPA, Shareholder, Mahoney, Ulbrich, Christiansen & Russ, P.A., Saint Paul, MN

Our hope in hiring a consultant was to get practical, useful, and personalized data and advice. Dom and Bill's skills got our partners to accomplish tasks that we had never achieved on our own.

-Joel Olbricht, President & CEO, Olbricht Storniolo Group, Hampstead, NH