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Dom has become a great resource for our firm. As a new managing partner, I have contacted Dom many times about how to implement new strategy or deal with issues. He has a way of breaking down any issue and making it much easier to tackle. He has always provided sound advice and a process that makes sense and is possible to implement. 

-Roz Alyson, CPA, Shareholder, Mahoney, Ulbrich, Christiansen & Russ, P.A., Saint Paul, MN

Their first-hand knowledge of our industry really gives them the ability to provide extremely useful training and real-life examples of what we face on a daily basis, and their light-hearted approach makes it easy to participate. I would highly recommend this program not only to partners/managers but to all members of an organization, no matter what level.

-Carrie St. John, Healthcare Manager, Moore Stephens Lovelace, Orlando, FL

This has been a really impactful leadership session and it has been great getting to meet many of the current and future leaders of the TSCPA.

-Matt Stegmoyer, CPA, Professional Resource Director, The Siegfried Group, LLP, Houston, TX

I just wanted to thank you again for the insightful session we had earlier this week in Detroit. I really got a lot of value in what we covered over the course of the last year and I think both you and Dom do an excellent job of providing us with a program that is useful and pertinent.

-Kristina Ashqar, CPA, CA, Directrice Audit & certification / Manager Audit & Assurance, PSBBOISJOLI, Montréal (Québec), Canada

Thanks for presenting to us. I got a lot out of it and greatly enjoyed it. There were great benefits of learning to apply different styles of leadership based on tasks and situations rather than just using one basic style. This workshop can be a game changer for anyone wanting to improve their leadership style and help further develop their people.

-Bryce Bowley, CPA, CFE, Audit Senior Manager, Robinson Burdette Martin & Seright LLP, Lubbock, TX

Our hope in hiring a consultant was to get practical, useful, and personalized data and advice. Dom and Bill's skills got our partners to accomplish tasks that we had never achieved on our own.

-Joel Olbricht, President & CEO, Olbricht Storniolo Group, Hampstead, NH

Thanks for a great workshop, Dom! I gained valuable new perspective, which I can already see has made me a better leader.

-Angie Hardy, CPA, Revenue Recognition Manager, Epicor Software Corporation, Austin, TX

The presentation to the MICPA team back in February was a preview, but you drove home your message regarding the change and evolution of the profession at our Members Advisory Symposium. Your insights and enthusiasm were so impactful and I was pleased to hear all the positive feedback on your keynote and breakout sessions.

Thank you for being part of our MICPA family.

-Peggy A Dzierzawski, CAE, President & CEP, Michigan Association of CPAs

Consultant isn't an appropriate title for Bill Reeb. He is more like your most valuable employee. Ignoring the fact that the decisions made would negatively affect his personal profit, Bill continued to push forward the actions necessary to do what was best for our company and it's future. I would recommend Bill as a consultant to anyone willing to listen and act upon difficult decisions.

-Pam Teich, President Lammes Candies Since 1885, Inc., Austin, TX

When it comes to tough business decisions, you often know what you should do, but you get lost in the maze of “what ifs; Bill reminds you of what really works and what really matters. As Bill would say “Don’t plan for the worst case scenario, plan for the likely scenario."

-Darsi Casey, CPA, Managing Partner, Casey, Neilon & Associates, LLC, Carson City, NV

In succession planning the objective is to combine the past with the future and make it a present feasible plan beneficial to the entities involved. Bill Reeb accomplished this mission! Another part of the equation is completing the task from beginning to end. Bill Reeb accomplished this mission!

-Nik Pry, Retired Founding Partner, Pry Professional Group, Findlay, OH

Bill has a great ability to cut through the crap and get to the point, We are certainly better because of him.

-Ray Roberts, CPA, Managing Partner, Accounting and Consulting Group, Albuquerque, NM

Bill Reeb has helped us change our firm - and more importantly my life! We used to work like crazy, sweat the small stuff, and not make that much money for a tremendous amount of effort. Now we work no overtime, treasure our employees, make a great living, and really enjoy helping our clients! How does he do it - Call him or more importantly call me I will share with you how vital Bill has been to our firm.

-Eric Rigby, CPA/PFS, Rigby Financial Group, New Orleans, LA

To update you on the progress of the Springfield project, it went extremely well and all schedules were met. The Colorado Department of Transportation was very happy with both production and quality. Dominic Cingoranelli helped us get started on the right foot.

-Eddie Davidsen, Project Superintendent, Interstate Highway Construction, Englewood, CO

I have known Dominic Cingoranelli for 10 years. The advice and focus Dominic provides his customers is forthright, timely, and useful. Dominic provides plans and solutions for the long-term success of his clients. He is not a typical consultant where a client spends a lot of money and is left with a stale ‘business plan.’ His persistence and dedication to his clients' success is remarkable. Because of Dom’s reputation and track-record we have long recommended Dominic to various clients over the years.

-Donald Appleby, Vice President, HRH of Colorado, Denver, CO

Dom Cingoranelli has been my accountant/business consultant for over 25 years. He has helped me through many business changes, including relationships with a partnership, financial planning, start-up (and closing later) a new corporation, and approaches to business problems over the years. His business acumen is exemplary. He is easy to work with, understanding, but definite in his recommendations. All my experiences with Dom have been good ones, and I certainly recommend him.

-Paul Radway, MD, Pueblo, CO