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Our hope in hiring a consultant was to get practical, useful, and personalized data and advice. Dom and Bill's skills got our partners to accomplish tasks that we had never achieved on our own.

-Joel Olbricht, President & CEO, Olbricht Storniolo Group, Hampstead, NH

We had a great experience with Succession Institute utilizing their customized leadership training program for our future partners. It’s focus was directly on point emphasizing development of these important attributes; management of employees, management of client relationships, and firm growth. We highly recommend Succession Institute for this critical training of our current and future leaders.

-Stephen A. Palmerton CPA, Assurance and Tax Shareholder, Harper & Pearson Company, P.C., Houston, TX

The Situational Leadership® workshop provided excellent training on how and when to apply different leadership styles. It was very eye-opening as it showed me what was and wasn’t working in my current approach to supervising staff. I would highly recommend it to anyone genuinely concerned about developing their team members.

-Joel Knopp, Audit Manager, Moore Stephens Lovelace, Orlando, FL

Their first-hand knowledge of our industry really gives them the ability to provide extremely useful training and real-life examples of what we face on a daily basis, and their light-hearted approach makes it easy to participate. I would highly recommend this program not only to partners/managers but to all members of an organization, no matter what level.

-Carrie St. John, Healthcare Manager, Moore Stephens Lovelace, Orlando, FL

This has been a really impactful leadership session and it has been great getting to meet many of the current and future leaders of the TSCPA.

-Matt Stegmoyer, CPA, Professional Resource Director, The Siegfried Group, LLP, Houston, TX

I just wanted to thank you again for the insightful session we had earlier this week in Detroit. I really got a lot of value in what we covered over the course of the last year and I think both you and Dom do an excellent job of providing us with a program that is useful and pertinent.

-Kristina Ashqar, CPA, CA, Directrice Audit & certification / Manager Audit & Assurance, PSBBOISJOLI, Montréal (Québec), Canada

Thanks for presenting to us. I got a lot out of it and greatly enjoyed it. There were great benefits of learning to apply different styles of leadership based on tasks and situations rather than just using one basic style. This workshop can be a game changer for anyone wanting to improve their leadership style and help further develop their people.

-Bryce Bowley, CPA, CFE, Audit Senior Manager, Robinson Burdette Martin & Seright LLP, Lubbock, TX

Thanks for a great workshop, Dom! I gained valuable new perspective, which I can already see has made me a better leader.

-Angie Hardy, CPA, Revenue Recognition Manager, Epicor Software Corporation, Austin, TX

The guidance that Bill Reeb & The Succession Institute have provided our firm in making key strategic management decisions has been invaluable. Bill’s experience and guidance have proven to be highly insightful and have given us the confidence to take our firm to the next level. Bill has demonstrated genuine interest in helping our partners and team members become more successful.

- Tammy R. Vogsland, CPA, Managing Partner, C&D llp, Solvang, CA

Hearing Bill Reeb speak at our HBK 2017 November Partners Meeting was clearly the highlight of the event. Not only was he spot-on in his assessment of accountability, motivation and paradigms (just to mention a few topics offered with laser-pointed insight) but also, he was able to broach difficult subjects with empathy and humor. I cannot imagine anyone walking out of his lecture who didn’t share my opinion that Bill is one of the best motivational speakers out there. The fact that he has a wealth of experience in the accounting/finance industry is quite fortunate for our firm and any wise enough to hire him as a guest speaker. This man isn’t just worth the price of admission; his recommendations are invaluable. If followed, any firm would increase morale, operations and profitability in very short order.

- James G. Fahey, PAFM, Chief Learning Officer, HBK CPAs & Consultants, Canfield, OH

Dom Cingoranelli's leadership was instrumental in affording CEI the ability to gain clarity and achieve its 5-year goals. Dom's ability to keep my senior management team focused on our mission statement and the future challenges this market would bring, helped us meet our 5-year goal in 3.5 years.

-Joe O'Dea, Secretary/Treasurer, Concrete Express, Inc., Denver, CO

Bill Reeb's Leadership Course has been an overwhelming success for CalCPA. It seems like everywhere you turn, behind the leadership in the Society, in firms, and in industry is a graduate of Bill's course. For many of us, the experience has been a life and career focusing event. I highly recommend this course for any CPA at any level in any organization.

-Rusty Roy, CPA, CalCPA Central Coast Chapter President, past Chair of CalCPA MAP Committee, Roy & O'Connor, CPAs Inc., Paso Robles, CA

Although I had heard great things about the California Society's Leadership Institute, it more than exceeded my expectations. Bill Reeb is a gifted teacher, and the skills I learned will continue to serve me throughout my career.

-Johanna Sweaney Salt, CPA, CGMA, Gray, Salt & Associates, LLP, Claremont, CA

The presentation to the MICPA team back in February was a preview, but you drove home your message regarding the change and evolution of the profession at our Members Advisory Symposium. Your insights and enthusiasm were so impactful and I was pleased to hear all the positive feedback on your keynote and breakout sessions.

Thank you for being part of our MICPA family.

-Peggy A Dzierzawski, CAE, President & CEP, Michigan Association of CPAs

Thank you for -

Being tough, but fair with me and all of my partners.
Always being direct and honest with us.
Giving out compliments when deserved, but not every day just for getting out of bed.
Helping us through many difficult conversations.
Helping us recognize when things were good but seemed not so good.
Your responsiveness to our needs.
Your sage advice.
Being a friend.
Being a professional in every sense of the word.
Caring about what you do so much that it oozes out of you.
Most of all, thanks for being someone I felt like I could discuss anything with and know that you would not judge me, but would take what I said and try to help my firm and me be more successful.

-Rick Baumeister, Jr., CPA, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP, CLA Dallas, TX

The CPA Firm Management Association engaged The Succession Institute, more importantly Bill Reeb and Dom Cingoranelli, to lead our first Leadership Institute in 2017. The program was designed for CPA firm managers looking to enhance their key skills through a high impact customized four-day workshop focused on Situational Leadership, trends, business models, governance, accountability and the development of people. The customized tailoring of the program and the Succession Institute’s commitment to knowing our group will lead to class members being able to apply lessons learned and success both personally and professionally. We couldn’t be more pleased with our partnership with the Succession Institute.

- Kim Fantaci, President, CPA Firm Management Association (CPAFMA), Dayton, OH