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Our hope in hiring a consultant was to get practical, useful, and personalized data and advice. Dom and Bill's skills got our partners to accomplish tasks that we had never achieved on our own.

-Joel Olbricht, President & CEO, Olbricht Storniolo Group, Hampstead, NH

We had a great experience with Succession Institute utilizing their customized leadership training program for our future partners. It’s focus was directly on point emphasizing development of these important attributes; management of employees, management of client relationships, and firm growth. We highly recommend Succession Institute for this critical training of our current and future leaders.

-Stephen A. Palmerton CPA, Assurance and Tax Shareholder, Harper & Pearson Company, P.C., Houston, TX

Succession Institute's development training program exceeded all of my expectations.  This program is a must for anyone serious about enhancing their own leadership, communication, practice development, and people development skills and/or developing such skills of their young professionals.  

-Tommye E. Barie, Immediate Past Chair, AICPA Board of Directors, Partner, Mauldin & Jenkins, Bradenton, FL

This has been a really impactful leadership session and it has been great getting to meet many of the current and future leaders of the TSCPA.

-Matt Stegmoyer, CPA, Professional Resource Director, The Siegfried Group, LLP, Houston, TX

Bill has an ability to cut through the politics and tell it like is without alienating the partner group. His observations are on point and his systems and insights are invaluable to any firm wishing to grow and prosper. I highly recommend Bill's organization. You won't be disappointed.

-Nick Magone, CPA, Couto, DeFranco and Magone, New York and New Jersey

Bill Reeb has helped us change our firm - and more importantly my life! We used to work like crazy, sweat the small stuff, and not make that much money for a tremendous amount of effort. Now we work no overtime, treasure our employees, make a great living, and really enjoy helping our clients! How does he do it - Call him or more importantly call me I will share with you how vital Bill has been to our firm.

-Eric Rigby, CPA/PFS, Rigby Financial Group, New Orleans, LA

A few weeks after graduating from college, I substituted for my father's attendance at a seminar since he was struggling w/ diabetic complications and couldn't attend. The seminar was led by Bill Reeb. I was blown away. When my father later died the following year and my family's (now) third-generation firm almost collapsed, I bought and read from cover to cover Bill's book Start Consulting: How To Walk The Talk & used the principles therein to formulate a strategic approach to resurrecting the firm and servicing its clients. Whether he'll admit it or not, Bill has played a critical role in my success throughout my career.

-Matthew Roger, CPA, Managing Partner, Roger and Keith, CPAs, New Orleans, LA

Bill Reeb is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. Audiences love him because he is both knowledgeable and entertaining. He provides practical and valuable insight into how organizations can improve and achieve success.

-John M. Sharbaugh, CAE, CEO, Texas Society of CPAs

Bill Reeb is a sure-bet. CPAs love him because he brings real, useable content to the table.

-Jane Egan, Executive Director, Montana Society of CPAs

We have used Succession Institute over the past several years for firm retreats, succession planning, 360 assessments and manager training. The knowledge and experience that Bill and Dom possess has been invaluable in helping our firm through various stages of growth and development. They have been instrumental to us in their guidance from the drafting to the implementation stages of our succession plan. Their knowledge of the CPA industry and trends for succession have guided us and helped us throughout the succession process as well as advising us with on other practice management best practices.

-Abby Dupree, Kathleen Brothers, & Stephanie Zottoli, Carroll and Company CPAs, Tallahassee, FL

Succession Institute is performing a great service to our family owned business. They assisted in determining if succession was a viable option for us, and have since then been helping us to implement our plan while navigating an emotionally charged family dynamic. We could never have successfully dealt with these issues internally. We are very pleased with their guidance and insights.

-Ron Albee, Jay-Reese Contractors, Inc., Dripping Springs, TX

The Situational Leadership® workshop provided excellent training on how and when to apply different leadership styles. It was very eye-opening as it showed me what was and wasn’t working in my current approach to supervising staff. I would highly recommend it to anyone genuinely concerned about developing their team members.

-Joel Knopp, Audit Manager, Moore Stephens Lovelace, Orlando, FL

Their first-hand knowledge of our industry really gives them the ability to provide extremely useful training and real-life examples of what we face on a daily basis, and their light-hearted approach makes it easy to participate. I would highly recommend this program not only to partners/managers but to all members of an organization, no matter what level.

-Carrie St. John, Healthcare Manager, Moore Stephens Lovelace, Orlando, FL

I just wanted to thank you again for the insightful session we had earlier this week in Detroit. I really got a lot of value in what we covered over the course of the last year and I think both you and Dom do an excellent job of providing us with a program that is useful and pertinent.

-Kristina Ashqar, CPA, CA, Directrice Audit & certification / Manager Audit & Assurance, PSBBOISJOLI, Montréal (Québec), Canada

Thanks for presenting to us. I got a lot out of it and greatly enjoyed it. There were great benefits of learning to apply different styles of leadership based on tasks and situations rather than just using one basic style. This workshop can be a game changer for anyone wanting to improve their leadership style and help further develop their people.

-Bryce Bowley, CPA, CFE, Audit Senior Manager, Robinson Burdette Martin & Seright LLP, Lubbock, TX

Thanks for a great workshop, Dom! I gained valuable new perspective, which I can already see has made me a better leader.

-Angie Hardy, CPA, Revenue Recognition Manager, Epicor Software Corporation, Austin, TX