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Compensation Survey

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The need to retain talented and capable employees is still critical.

Our Compensation Survey provides data to establish competitive and effective compensation plans to attract, retain, and motivate top talent.

Several years ago, Succession Institute partnered with the Kentucky Society to design, conduct and summarize its first ever compensation survey for CPAs and financial professionals.  Our survey addressed a critical need for more information with respect to compensation practices and policies both within CPA firms and for financial professionals in business, industry, government and educational institutions (BIGE). 

The survey featured:

  • Separate sections for public and for BIGE
  • Sorting capability by:
    • Population size of area where practice is located
    • Size of employer in full-time equivalent employees
    • Size of employer in annual revenues

The Benefits of SI’s Compensation Survey

For Your Members:

  • Gain access to hard to find data as to pay and benefits as well as compensation and performance management practices
  • FREE report to anyone that fills out the survey

For Your State Society

  • Allows you to provide your members with a valuable, unique “one-of-a-kind” product
  • Revenue sharing opportunity for the Society.  We have a 60/40% split for any one (Society or SI) that sells the report with 60% going to whoever sells it
  • Call us to discuss what you have in mind and we will give you a price to set up and conduct this survey for you.  Above the base cost for setting up such a survey, the price is heavily influenced by the number of expected responses and the number of fill in the blank questions (short answer or discussion questions) we have to compile, clean-up and summarize. 

To learn more about how your State Society can partner with Succession Institute on a Compensation Survey, please call or email us to learn more.