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Firm Models of Operation Series

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These videos are full length (1.5-2 hour) recordings of our previous webcasts.   A complete list of our full length videos are available on our Webcast Video Index page, with descriptions of each show linked to each show title. Please contact us to purchase the passwords to access these videos.

Succession is a problem for most firms because the retirements of a few key people highlight the cracks in the firm’s current operating structure. The first webcast in our Firm Models of Operation Series takes you through the most common CPA firm operating models (EWYK and BAV), their strengths, weaknesses, and the typical obstacles and conflicts each create. Most firms are a hybrid of the two models, but in the end, while you can operate with a combination of both, we have always found that firms are deeply rooted in one or the other. And whichever model you are rooted in, will drive the future success of your firm.

The second webcast in our Firm Models of Operation Series focuses on the changes required to move from an EWYK to a BAV operating model, or to root the hybrid model in BAV instead of EWYK. The change sounds simple, but there are several steps required to support this transformation. We cover each step and how you put the stakes in the ground along the way to help the partner group gain the traction needed to make this change stick.


Introduction to Eat What You Kill & Building a Village Models of Operations



Moving from Eat What You Kill (EWYK) to Building a Village (BAV) Model