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Leadership In Our Changing Times Webcast Series

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These videos are full length (1.5-2 hour) recordings of our previous webcasts.   A complete list of our full length videos are available on our Webcast Video Index page, with descriptions of each show linked to each show title. Please contact us to purchase the passwords to access these videos.

Leadership in Our Changing Times: Upgrade Your Managerial Leadership Skills and Add Value to Your Organization – a Four-Part Series

This four-part leadership series has been designed to help leaders in all organizations, with some special focus on professional service firms, build on and enhance their leadership skills, thereby adding even more value to their organizations and the people they lead. From “What your role as a leader entails” to “How to carry it out,” the topics we cover are based on proven practices we use to assist clients in our work with organizations throughout North America.

Managerial leadership competencies are a must in every leader’s toolkit. In fact, how well developed one’s managerial leadership skills are will make a difference in how successful he or she, and indeed his or her firm, will be. Leadership skill is not something that is genetically determined—you can learn to lead if you have the desire to do so and this four-part series provides you with actionable knowledge to help you enhance your leadership effectiveness right away.

This new four-part leadership series is not only timely, but also pragmatic—something you can use to really improve yourself, your people and your business. It will give you insight into prioritizing and implementing change of all kinds throughout your firm.

Leadership for Our Changing Times Part 1: Strategy and Change Management


Leadership for Our Changing Times Part 2: Emotional Intelligence and Effective Team Leadership/a>


Leadership for Our Changing Times  Part 3: Negotiations and Conflict Management
Leadership for Our Changing Times  Part 4: Accountability, Coaching and Assertiveness