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Benefits of a Leadership Program from SI

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Features Benefits Results
Programs are customizable to your firm’s needs Allows modifications to better fit your time and training budgets and schedules You pay for only what you need and maximize the effectiveness of your training investment
Based on three decades plus of each author/presenter’s practical experience in and with CPA firms Real world solutions for real world accounting firms We present information that leaders can use to begin making changes immediately
Most of the materials we use are developed by us, based on our experience working as CPAs and with successful CPA firms for over three decades Not just some management theory,but time-tested practices based on what really works in the field The transfer of training and practical application back at work will make a positive difference at your firm
In addition to our own material, we are licensed to present Situational Leadership® training adapted specifically to CPAs Leadership assessments and training previously available only to Fortune 500 companies is now available to any size CPA firm Participants can learn best practices for delegation to, supervision of, and development of their people
Workshops employ a combination of lecture and experiential learning activities This allows leaders to learn new behaviors in a low risk environment Assures a more effective transfer of training from the workshops to the workplace
In between workshops, webinars are conducted with the entire group of leaders Leaders receive reinforcement of behaviors and skills learned in workshops and have the opportunity to address any obstacles that they encounter at work after implementing what was learned at the workshop Further enhances the effective transfer of training from the workshops to the workplace

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