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Pricing, Engagement, and Meeting Facilitation Tips

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Pricing, Engagement, and Meeting Facilitation Tips-Handout.pdf <Handout is password protected: Opens with the password for the video (case sensitive – same as for the live show)>

Description: Based on our AICPA-published book, Becoming a Trusted Business Advisor, this series of programs has been designed to help CPAs enhance their skills and their value proposition in their role as the Most Trusted Business Advisor (MTBA) to their clients. It reviews what the MTBA role entails and why all CPAs should be pursuing it aggressively. This training is not about how to become a salesperson. It is about how to help you better serve your clients by learning what really matters to them. We teach you how to work through this process quickly and efficiently in a way that adds the greatest value to the client while adding to your professional enjoyment and profitability.

    • How to approach pricing when performing advisory work
    • Why you need to bill at a higher rate for advisory services
    • Phasing and breaking projects down into manageable pieces
    • Billing rates, project rates, value billing and retainers
    • Sample pricing scenarios
    • Meeting facilitation tips, to help generate more productive outcomes
    • How to make sure progress continues after the meeting is over

A complete list of our full length videos is available on our Webcast Video Index page.
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