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Practice Improvement Ideas-Practical Steps You Can Take Today

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Practice Improvement Ideas-Practical Steps You Can Take Today Handout.PDF <Handout is password protected: Opens with the password for the video (case sensitive – same as for the live show)>

Description: This video is focused on practical ideas you can implement right away to make a difference in your practice. It covers ideas for: planning your future, leveraging yourself, client billing and management, holding people accountable, improving business development, and much, much more! Our discussion on how to implement changes in these and other areas should be helpful in making your practice even more successful than it already is. This could easily result in a stronger, more focused practice, with an improved bottom line.


  • Create a plan for your organization
  • Hold your partners and staff accountable
  • Stop milking the cash cow
  • Improve your business development processes
  • Verify that your services make sense
  • Create capacity at the top
  • Start managing your firm
  • Maximize the role of your managers
  • Charge clients a fair fee for the work being done
  • Deal with the real infrastructure issues
  • Implement the General Contractor model
  • Manage the trough
  • Clean up your financial statements

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