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Addressing Partner Conflict and Communication Issues

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Addressing Partner Conflict and Communication Issues-Handout.pdf <Handout is password protected: Opens with the password for the video (case sensitive – same as for the live show)>

Description: This session deals with foundational issues that constantly create added stress, impinge on partner unity, and generate unnecessary misunderstandings within the partner group. We will discuss how to manage conflict, the difference between aggressiveness and assertiveness, how to manage dysfunctional behaviors including bullying, how to conduct partner meetings in a way that eliminates confusion and rehashing the same topics over and over without resolution, tips that can instantly improve communications, and more.


  • How to better leverage communication basics:
    • Why assertiveness is the proper technique to utilize when appropriate
    • Conflict in partner discussions is not something to avoid, but rather to harness
    • Consensus may be important to try to achieve, but consensus to the point of giving the “no” vote more power than the “yes” vote can quickly become dysfunctional
  • Learning to better manage partner meetings to create clarity, fairness and unity

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