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Managing Your Workload

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Description: Effectively balancing your workload with the productive capacity of your firm will help you diminish your stress level and enjoy greater profit potential. In this course, we will provide you with tips on managing “through the trough” (those seasonally slow times outside of busy season), as well as other techniques to enhance your practice management. This video includes downloadable tools you can use to help better manage your workload. Some of the actions steps that we suggest might seem radical at first blush, but sometimes, if you want to improve your practice you not only have to do things differently, but do different things.


  • Recognize the need to balance workload and capacity in CPA firms
  • Identify concerns caused by the “trough” in public accounting
  • Recognize ways to manage through and around the “trough”
  • Identify ways to work smarter instead of harder and retain more busy season profit

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