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Leadership in Our Changing Times 4: Accountability, Coaching and Assertiveness

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Leadership in Our Changing Times 4:  Accountability, Coaching and Assertiveness Handout. PDF  <Handout is password protected: Opens with the password for the video (case sensitive – same as for the live show)>

Description: Leaders must set clear expectations in order to manage performance, as well as create a framework and process to continually meet client demand. Develop your Accountability and Assertiveness (not aggressiveness) to achieve high quality decision-making through out your organization.


  • Set clear expectations and use powerful accountability techniques to keep everyone on task as you beef up your performance management
  • Learn how to create a framework and process to continually build the appropriate quantity and quality of capacity you need to meet client demand
  • Enhance your assertive skills for better quality of decision- making throughout your organization and understand the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness

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