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Why Firms Choose the SIPA

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Feature Which Means You Benefit Because
Proprietary instrument developed specifically for CPAs by CPAs who consult with CPA firms throughout North America It’s not off-the-shelf and generic in nature It’s relevant specifically to what partners actually do at work in public accounting
360° assessment Feedback can be obtained from the participant himself or herself, as well as bosses, peers and direct reports A participant receives a thorough,multi-faceted view of his or her strengths and opportunities for improvement
Feedback providers’ responses
are confidential
Not even we at the Succession
Institute know who provided
which responses
Participants can obtain candid input on how others see their competencies because of this anonymity factor
Assessment covers 15 competency
Thorough coverage of competencies
for a practitioner in
public accounting
You obtain a comprehensive understanding
of competencies
needed by most partners
Competency groupings are
ranked in order of importance
by all respondents
Participants understand which
competencies are most important
at the time of assessment
Participants can focus attention
on the top two to four areas that
will make the most difference for
the participant and the firm
Tools and processes are provided
for making the feedback
Planning for change is made
simpler and easier
Participants, through implementation
of planned changes, will
achieve measurable and noticeable
results because of the feedback

Why Firms Choose the SIPA