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Strategic Planning Virtual Facilitator

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Features This Means You Benefit Because
A video overview for each step of the strategic planning process You will have a context for your planning efforts There is a roadmap to guide you from start to finish
Successful processes we use every day to guide our large firms through the planning process You have a proven process to guide you in planning for your firm This is a thorough process, battlefield tested, grounded in sound theory and practical application
Video Instructions for each step of the way This process takes the guessing out of the details of each step You are using a methodology that works
Downloadable worksheets to stimulate your thinking as to what is important to you You may easily and quickly immerse yourself into the creative process We’ve provided you with detailed coaching to maximize the effectiveness of your time
Both plan development and implementation tools This process helps you overcome implementation barriers—since many planning efforts fall short on implementation success You receive a meaningful plan to implement that can quickly result in real change at your firm
Pricing ($495)  You pay pennies on the dollar for what this level of guidance typically costs in the marketplace This is a unique, cost-effective offering built to help the small CPA firm accomplish this powerful process

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