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Situational Leadership with Succession Institute

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Situational Leadership® – This program is a dynamic, engaging one and one-half day workshop that provides the fundamentals of a time-tested behavioral model of how to best influence the performance of people up, down and sideways. This innovative workshop is pragmatic, flexible and offers the means for learners to begin to impact performance results immediately. The Core combined with Leader as Coach is an extremely flexible facilitated developmental experience. The use of video vignettes, individual exercises, 360° leadership style analysis, a challenging board game to help you apply what you are learning and role play case studies all combine to provide a unique interactive training session which should immediately and positively impact your ability as a leader and manager.

Succession Institute

Succession Institute (SI) (SI is an Affiliate of the Center for Leadership Studies (CLS) -- the developers of the Situational Leadership® material) has customized this workshop for CPAs in public accounting and industry. SI is one of the few organizations authorized by CLS to customize this workshop. In doing so, SI has added elements to meet the unique needs of supervisory personnel in both industry and public accounting. For example, they created role play case studies to help program participants understand how to approach developmental opportunities with their staff as well as how intervene and turn around declining performance. During the program, throughout the course, we intersperse our own materials related to management to help the Situational Leadership® model be instantly applicable to, and integrated with, best practices.

Strategic Outcomes

  • Focused methodology to ensure goal and task alignment
  • Diagnostic skills to determine the skill and motivation levels of employees
  • Ability to consciously select the right leadership style appropriate for a situation
  • Communication skills and a common language to effectively influence others
  • A process to effectively cover difficult performance issues in an unemotional way
  • Ability to accelerate the development and retention of talent
  • Increased respect for and honoring of differences

Program Description

Situational Leadership® is the most prevalent leadership system used in the world – and has been for over 40 years. Constantly updated and refined, based on client feedback and research, it is a powerful and pragmatic workshop based on a simple model of how to adapt one’s behavior – and when! Behaviorally based, proven and intuitively simple, this model has more value today than ever before. Situational Leadership® – The Core combined with Leader as Coach, customized by SI for CPAs, creates a program designed to build and extend participants’ skills in influencing, leading, coaching and managing. The very nature of leadership is changing quickly. Now, more than ever, the Situational Leadership® Model is an essential tool for people wanting to lead in a way that yields top performance and fosters a positive, developmental work environment.

Extended Outcomes

  • Accelerated leadership development
  • Formalized influence skills for leading up, down, and sideways
  • Framework to which a firm can attach other leadership training
  • Accelerated growth of people and teams
  • Focus on performance while considering attitude
  • Applicable to a variety of settings: work, home, and social
  • Optimized performance within a positive work environment – maintains balance

The Remarkable Power of Situational Leadership®

No other technique, model, process or system has emerged over the years as effective and as remarkably consistent as the Situational Leadership® Model in building leaders throughout virtually every category of business and industry, including CPAs. Clients of CLS have included thousands of companies and organizations, from huge multi-national enterprises in over 60 countries to national, regional companies and smaller high-potential entrepreneurial ventures, to public accounting firms. Consider taking advantage of this unique training now, which has been customized for CPAs by SI. To find out more, please email us, call us at 512-338-1006, or use our Contact us form.