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Building a Better, Faster, and Stronger Bench 2: Developmental Managers, Direct Reports and Organizational Structure

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Bench 2: Developmental Managers, Direct Reports and Organizational Structure-Handout.pdf <Handout is password protected: Opens with the password for the video (case sensitive – same as for the live show)>

Description: These four sessions will walk you through key elements to address in creating stronger people more quickly and effectively. The content is based on our work with CPA firms of all sizes throughout North America. With many CPA firms experiencing unprecedented opportunities for growth, the battle for talent has never been more challenging. At many firms, staffing issues are a major barrier to the successful transition of senior ownership and a significant constraint on the firm’s future leverage and profitability. But you can change that—learn how with these webcasts!

  • Why the most common reporting model short-changes your people
  • Some managers are better at people development than others
  • Creating the infrastructure you need to develop your people faster

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