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Succession Management and Planning

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At the Succession Institute, we believe that there are core, foundational principles to follow that will help contractors successfully and profitably manage their business and their people. And by following these, your organization is positioned to grow, prosper, seamlessly transition to new leadership, sell at above-average market prices, and/or is set-up to operate requiring less of your involvement. To us, succession management is all about organizational development.

A core service of Succession Institute LLC is succession management and planning. Typically we address both emergency succession planning and the longer term succession management process for our contractor clients. Emergency succession planning helps answer the question, “Who will fill in for me if I get run over by the beer truck tomorrow?”

Longer term succession management is focused on the process contractors need in order to identify, recruit, develop and retain successive tiers of managerial leaders over time. Nothing generally happens by accident, and it is rare that management succession works out effectively without some serious thought and effort. Contractors’ efforts are focused and optimized through our approach to this process.