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Partnering for Complex Projects

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Partnering Services

On partnered projects the emphasis is placed on finding ways to solve problems collaboratively, at the lowest level possible, so all parties to the contract realize success on the project. The partnering process can reduce dysfunctional conflict that would otherwise result in litigated claims. This results in win/win situations for all parties to the contract.

Dom has facilitated partnering sessions for projects ranging from $1 million to over $300 million in size, including Design/Build projects, which create additional nuances that partnering must address.  He also conducts intergroup conflict resolution as a remedial step to allow partnering to work on projects that were initiated without partnering to begin with.

At Succession Institute LLC, our partnering assistance is based on sound principles underlying effective teamwork. It provides project management teams with the practical team infrastructure they need to conduct a successful project for all parties to the contract. Partnering sessions can be tailored to meet your project needs and normally vary in length from one-half to one and one-half days each.

Partnering is a process and an attitude–it is not a one-time event.  We recognize that and we help your project team put in place the processes it needs to allow everyone to succeed on the job and to build better, and lasting, working relationships for the future.

For a PDF of a brochure on the partnering process, click this link.