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Construction Industry Personnel/Employee Development

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Personnel Performance Services include:

  • Developing accountability within a construction company;
  • Refining incentive and compensation systems to coordinate with the contractor’s strategic direction;
  • Conducting teambuilding and training; and
  • Coaching key executives to enhance their leadership and change management skills.

Personnel is a difficult area because an under-performing employee could be due as much to the manager’s incompetence, as it is to the corporate culture, the policies and procedures, or the employee’s inabilities or attitudes. Therefore, resolving or improving performance is a combination of assessing multiple people’s existing skills, attitudes, and capabilities, and then matching that with incentive systems based on objective agreed-to metrics. This is an area where “in-the-trenches experience” is really beneficial, which our decades of experience in working with businesses as owners and as consultants has provided to us at Succession Institute LLC.

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