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Facilitation of strategic planning

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Facilitation of Strategic Planning

Planning includes a variety of services centering on charting and maintaining a successful course for your construction business, such as strategic, tactical and succession planning. We’ve provided assistance to contractors as:

  • Facilitators who assist the management team in formulating strategies and action plans;
  • Consultants brought in to focus on the implementation of various aspects of the overall strategy; and
  • Members of boards of directors and advisory boards.

Our experience in planning for our own companies, and hundreds of others, gives us a unique insight as to how to avoid common pitfalls as well as how to leverage numerous success strategies.

While each engagement is unique, and driven by our clients’ needs, these planning sessions normally run from one and one-half to three days in length.  The approach is customized for each client, but generally involves some front-end diagnosis in the form of confidential interviews or surveys of the construction company owners and key people.  The results from this data gathering are compiled for anonymity and presented at the planning session.

Using the information from the front-end processes, we then facilitate group decision making as to core values, mission, three to five-year vision, and high level implementation considerations.  If a contractor wishes, we can also work side by side with his or her people afterward to assist in implementation of strategic initiatives identified in the planning session.